Camino Life Coaching & Consulting offers workshops for individuals and groups. Now is the time for you and your loved ones to prepare for the holiday season you always imagined, filled with joy, peace, harmony, and gratitude.


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Tarot Cards are used as a vehicle for traditional coaching.

Traditional coaching and tarot reading have more in common than you may think. In both, the client/questioner set the agenda. Both are based on the belief that the client/questioner knows themselves and their solutions best. The coach or reader are there to ask questions that help the client/questioner recognize what they knew all along, but didn't see. See what this powerful combination of traditional and nontraditional tools can do for you.


Family Dinner

Commit to an amazing family gathering.

What would the next family gathering be like if you arrived with 12 additional communication strategies? Workshops are happening now through December 24. Let me know you're ready now!

Bring the entire family for the two-hour Camino Communication Makeover, and gain 12 Keys to Effective Communication that will:

  • Bring new life into family dialogue. 

  • Change the conversation dynamics.

  • Invite family connection.

  • Increase peace and harmony. 

  • Develop new traditions through communication.

Note: Children must be at least 13 years old to attend.

DISC Report + Tarot Reading

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Personalized guidance for you according to your communication style.

You bring the question. Camino coaching provides the DISC 30-page report about you and how you prefer to interact with others. This helps to further customize your tarot reading and the strategies that work for you. Ask for the Black Friday Special.