Camino Life Coaching & Consulting customizes services for individuals and groups. 
We create the solution your team needs, not what every team needs.
Whether you're trying to figure out why you still haven't taken that class or how to optimize your team's productivity, Camino Life Coaching & Consulting can help.


Wandering Traveler

You are the expert of you.

Now more than ever, in our personal and professional lives, our senses are heightened as we navigate fear of sickness, fear for safety, and concern for our loved ones. This awareness may also open us up to possibilities of growth. We each walk our own path, but a coach can walk alongside, helping us realize where we are, where we wish to be, and how to get there.


View of Meditation Garden

What's underneath your biggest challenge?

The recipe for creating an effective team and a successful product is a shared vision + communication + relationships with a dash of persistence and resilience. Get ready to take a deep dive and emerge with an appreciation of the values, beliefs, and principles that underlie each member's opinions, attitudes, decisions, and actions.


Sat on the Rocks

Learn to communicate their way.

Whether you are a member of a family or a member of a team, effective communication is key to success. With employees now working remotely, communication is more difficult and more important than ever. Schedule a conversation to share how you would like to use the DISC report information and who you would like to take the DISC assessment.  Be amazed at how much more effective you and your team become just by recognizing and communicating according to the style of each member.