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How big a role do KPIs play in your organization?

Lisa Frank

Mar 29, 2022

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We've embraced data as essential at measuring performance against goals, and often reference Peter Drucker's quote. I get it. There is a place for data. It can inform where more effort or different strategies need to be implemented, where we are falling short or where we are meeting or exceeding our goals. But if all we pay attention to is numbers, I believe something valuable is lost—your people.

Let me put it this way. When you have your one-on-ones with your supervisor, where is the emphasis placed—on KPIs (key performance indicators) or on where your and other team members' strengths could be best used? The question is one of balance and function. What is the most appropriate use for KPIs and how much emphasis should be placed on them rather than on the development and support of your employees?
Imagine if management was as attentive to the natural strengths and interests of employees as they were to KPIs. Imagine further that they then created roles and positions around those strengths in service of the organization's mission and vision.

How much emphasis is placed on KPIs versus the strengths and interests of people in your organization?

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